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RCDBManager / Main screen / Menus

  • File
    • Recent DAT files: Contains recently opened DAT files. Last DAT file opened is placed first in the submenu.
    • Recent DAT folders: Contains recently opened uncompressed DAT folders. Last DAT folder opened is placed first in the submenu.
    • Exit: Hmmm, what could this option do… :-)
  • Options
    • Language: The program's UI language selection. For now, only English is supported.
    • Settings: The application settings. Must be configured when the application is executed for the first time, before doing anything else, in order for it to work properly.
  • Help
    • Web site: Opens the Wanderer's RomCenter tools site in the default browser.
    • Wiki: Opens this Wiki in the default browser.
    • License: Shows license info.
    • About: Info about RCDBM.
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