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RCDBManager / Main screen

At the top of the main screen, the main menu exists.

The main screen consists of two tabs, the DAT Manager and the Process log. The DAT Manager tab is where most of the user's interactions take place.

In the DAT file/folder field, the TOSEC DAT file (zip) to be processed must be filled, or the respective folder containing the unpacked TOSEC DAT (use the button to open the file/folder selection window). Once something is selected, its contents are loaded in the tree below this field. The Reload button simply reloads the contents of the item in the DAT file/folder field.

The tree also contains a search field with which the user can locate the desired text within the tree. The search function searches only within the children of the selected tree node and it finds the child note that starts with the given text (case insensitive).

In the tree, the user can find several node types. When nodes that represent actual Platforms are selected (i.e. Amstrad CPC), certain actions can be performed on them. Right-clicking on a Platform node opens a context menu. The Configure option opens a configuration window for this node. Expand/Collapse node expands or collapses all children of the selected node.

On a dat node (a note ending with .dat, denoting a dat file), pressing F3 opens the DAT Viewer window. In there, the contents of the specific DAT file are visible in a tree form. Pressing F3 again on a node of the tree, opens the Line Viewer window, which is a textual representation of the selected line. This should prove helpful for someone who wishes to analyze the dat file.

The main screen also contains the Start Process and Exit buttons.

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